Wolfe (Wolfey) Glick is the 2016 VGC World Champion, and a senior at Virignia Tech. His first YouTube video was uploaded on March 6, 2016 (here ). Originally grew up in DC ​(citation needed)​, and initally wasn't allowed to do anything related to pokemon. One fateful day, his mother took him to a Super Cuts and while he has waiting, the pokemon episode "Pokemon Shipwreck" (S1 Ep16) was playing on the tv. During this episode, Brock uses his Onyx as a staircase to help escape from a sinking ship. This amused his mother greatly, after which she allowed him to play and watch pokemon. After this, Wolfe went on to a massive list of acomplishments, such as being a 5x Regional Champion, 2x National Champ, 7x World Particpant, and earning the title of 2016 Pokemon World Champion. Wolfe has also become active in draft format, being the 2 time champion of the MBL (S1 and S2), winning the WBE with a team he only half drafted (S1), and entering the MBL (S8).




2016 World Finals Game:


It annoys Wolfe greatly when his name is spelt "Wolf Glicke".

He has had nationally published articles about him (here). 

He has made some top tier memes, such as these videos: #1 and #2