The Godfather (2019) is an upcoming reboot of the Godfather (1972) featuring several Poketubers.

Development Edit

In 2016, Johnson Studios creator Snoke discussed his intent to make a reboot trilogy of the original three Godfather films. In early 2017, PokeaimMD, or Joey, expressed his strong feelings towards the series and approached Snoke to persuade him to cast the italian-American as Michael Corleone. Snoke agreed and when Johnson Studios finally aquired the rights to the Godfather franchise in mid 2017, Joey and Snoke began talks as to how they could make such an iconic film series into an enhanced reboot. Snoke showed Joey the enhanced script he had written 2 years before and Joey. The rest of the cast was then announced the next day, after auditions from Poketubers around the globe.

Casting Controversy Edit

Liam Edwards, Ace Trainer Liam, left the cast, 2 months into the line learning process. He felt as if 'the film wasn't for me. I'm going home because i'm sooo British.' It was then revealed a week later that Liam had accusations of assault on several women, including main female actress CandyEvie, who called him a 'dingus.' The next day, FeintAttacks left the cast with a great number of other members of the confirmed cast. It was rumoured that Patterrz will leave for this same reason too, however, it has not been confirmed.

Rumours circulated on Reddit that TheHeatedMo (Mohit) and TheKingNappy, as well as TrueGreen7, were being considered for the major roles.

Confirmed Cast Edit

  • Joey, aka PokeaimMD, as Michael Corleone
  • ________, as Don Vito Corleone
  • _________as Sonny Corleone
  • Daniel, aka Patterrz, as Tom Hagen
  • Lucy, aka CandyEvie, as Kay Adams-Corleone
  • Ruffledrowlit as Fredo Corleone

This is confirmed cast so far. More details will come out soon.