ThePokéRaf is a popular British Pokémon YouTuber who makes a variety of Pokémon content, such as Top 5/10s, Trivia, original Theories and Speculation. He also provides tutorials on how to obtain certain Pokémon and items throughout the games, anime Episode Reviews/Discussions and the latest Pokémon News all in HD.


  • He has over 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He has gained 4.9 million channels views.
  • His favourite Pokémon is Charizard.
  • His channel was created in March 2013.
  • He is big fan of chicken nuggets and Nandos chicken. Also known as "The Rice King of Londan"
  • ThePokéRaf knows how to beatbox and plays midfielder in football.
  • Good friends with other PokéTubers, such as KarlosPokemon, Ozzymitsu, Ragnarobb, HybridHero, Lumiose Trainer Zac, GhostlyFelis.
  • Well known for his drilling and shelling on the blocks of North West London.
  • ·Certified member of the OT (Originals Team).
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