The Aura Guardian aka Alex Edit


Youtube Info Edit

Has 410k subscribers.

Started his channel in October of 2015. Since then many of his videos have gotten over 500,000 views and a few have over a million views.

His favorite pokemon is infernape, but he couldn't find a good name for a channel based on it, so he went with his second favorite, Lucario.

His least favorite pokemon is crabominable.

His favorite 1st generation starter is Charizard, his favorite 2nd is Scizor, 3rd Sceptile, 4th infernape, 5th Zoroark, 6th Greninja, and 7th Incineroar.

His favorite shiny is shiny greninja.

He did collabs with hoodlumscrafty, hoops and rap, supremerk9's, mysticumbreon, thepokemonproffessor, almightymandals, speqtor, eryzo, oh toni daddi your making me moist, kangascloud, pdwinnal, and ozzymitsu. Also his "moves that pokemon should/shouldn't learn" series was revived by a new Poketuber named cacophonous corphish.

He is highly loved throughout the community, hell even Verlisify likes him.