Supra Edit

Summary- Supra is a Poketuber who has approx. 130,000 subscribers as of January 14, 1818. He does Let's Plays, which include Nuzlockes, Walkthroughs, and more. He collaborates with other Poketubers such as NumbNexus, Patterz, Sacred, and Woopsire,

Facts Edit

  • He's on a croquet team based in Lub up, Texas
  • His favorite Pokemon is DuckLIT
  • His name is Charlie. Charlie horse.
  • He is sponsored by GFuel
  • He plays the drums
  • He is the rehash band Rage Against the Magnezone
  • People ask him how he has the time to make 1 hour videos, since he is at school and is in college and, as you know, there are a lot of homework set here. Supra responded by saying that he gets his homework done fast and that 'it is nothing' meaning he gets very little homework.

Homework Controversy Edit

  • In 2017 and 2018, an individual accussed Supra of skipping homework and not studying. He denounced the American school system.
  • In early 2018, it was discovered that Supra's parents had bribed the school he was going to so that they would give him less and easier homework.
  • It was also revealed that Supra's parents were paying more attention to themselves than to Supra's school life. They were convicted of 'child betrayal'
  • The court enquiry into bad parenting and Supra skipping homework will commence on July the 3rd.
  • Supra is proven to be a complete manchild who can't get simple homework done.

2018 Slaking Debate Edit

  • In 2018, Supra was accussed of mispronouncing the Pokemon Slaking's name wrong.
  • He pronounced it as slay-king or sleigh-king whereas some people claimed this was completely wrong and that he should change his way of life.
  • In fact, it was reported by the Daily Dick that the real pronounciation was 'Slack-King'
  • This is actually the true way to pronounce it and Supra was fined 1000 dollars for every time he says this. He controdicted himself when he said the word 'slack' and then did not use this in the word 'Slaking' even though Slaking is about slack.
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