Ryan Yaghmoorian, more often known by his online alias RyanYags. This Massachussets-based Twitch and Youtube content creator does much more than "Shiny hunting and that's it." Yags has found a small but loving chat community by streaming Fortnite, Pokemon Sword/Shield, and other occasional variety games. Yags is known very anti-racism, anti-talk of politics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY anti-account selling. (Source: Twitch Channel Rules.) Account selling in his chat will result in an instant ban. However, Ryan is a very polite person not to his plebs, but to his streams moderators. His favorite moderators are Timmybuoy, Bob101134, and of course chief mod The8BitSalamence. He only loves his subs and his mama (he's sorry) so if you aren't a sub or mod you might as well not be there. (Source: Subscriber Notification.) Please follow his twitter as he is a self-proclaimed "professional tweeter." When he's not playing Pokemon, he is playing Fortnite BR, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. and Zelda. (Source: Twitch Stream Description.) Although no longer in the background of most streams due to a formal dwelling relocation, his girlfriend (not wife, not fiancee) Steph Caldwell supposedly exists but proof of her legitimacy is rare. Ryan is pro MingLee but anti-WeirdChamp. In conclusion, Ryan failed a shiny Smeargle in the worst way possible and he will never forget. (Source: Youtube.)

*Ryan will have a very long talk with you if you talk to him about illegitimate raids in his stream. Do not attempt.*

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