Pokemon 0 and 1 versions are Pokemon games, played by many Poketubers, which were released in 2019.

Concept History Edit

The idea originally came from new Game Freak director Satoshi Himoshi, who, breaking away from the controls of Nintendo believed that there should be an open world pokemon game, with no set story. The names 0 and 1 were coined by his son, Blakk Himoshi, who believed that binary code should be involved in the Pokemon games. The two main legendaries, Ligzard and Snircle, were developed first, and then the starters.

Starter Pokemon Edit

The three starters shyed awayed from the original water fire grass combo. Instead, GF chose to do a Fighting Rock Flying combination. The Fighting starter was known as Boxpup, the Rock was known as Bouldude and the Flying type one was called Aerelle.

Evil Teams Edit

There were about 5 evil teams to make an appearance in these two games. The first was called 'the wolf pack' who turned out not to be evil in about 10 of the selected timelines. They were heavily under the scrutiny of the true evil team, Team Competipride, led by the dark Tofu.