NeverExpo is a shiny hunter who primarily streams on Twitch and uploads his shiny reactions onto Youtube. He occasionally attempts Nuzlocke challenges, and recently began a Shinylocke in Pokemon HeartGold. NeverExpo has gained a lot of traction in recent months, thanks to his winning personality and openness.


  • NeverExpo's real name is Kurtis.
  • Kurt has a hedgehog named Penelope, and she is half the reason people watch his streams. She is so cute.
  • Kurt has an alter ego named Nurt who is his antagonist.
  • Kurt's biggest rival in life is Stan, a.k.a. Claydrive.
  • Kurt's secretary "Susan" is to blame for all of the problems that his streams have.
  • Kurt went over 10k soft resets for a shiny Moltres. This hunt took place over 16 consecutive streams in December of 2017.
  • His favorite phrase is Kek
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