Christopher, aka The Mr Moet is a Poketuber known for his quality Pokemon Showdown lives, in which he plays some meme tiers, and sometimes actually competitive ones. He also does vlogs and other different types of pokemon related and non pokemon related content.

The Mr Moet

Facts :

  • He has never won a single edition of The Pokemon Jeopardy, a show hosted by the poketuber Chimpact. That because Chimpact didn't ask a pokemon related question, even tough the show is called The Pokemon Jeopardy.
  • He has never lost a single ladder game of his life. If that happened, it must have been his sister playing on his account.
  • He is very bad at Brawlhalla.
  • He has managed to get a smogon trophy, an achievement certain people can't say they have accomplished.
  • He is a big fan of the GBA, a really prestigious Pokémon draft league. His wish is to join it one day.
  • He works at a Motel6, where he appreaciates the company of roaches.
  • His channel is quite family friendly.
  • He has a very soothing voice. Especially when he talks close to the microphone.

Intro :

  • What's going on ladies and gentlemen ? It's Moet here and todayyy ...

Best Video on his channel :

  • "doki doki stream clip. I spit ammo like a beretta" :
    Doki doki stream clip

    Doki doki stream clip. I spit ammo like a beretta

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