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Date joined December 27, 2010
Views Approx. 17M
Subscribers Approx. 60K
Videos Approx. 1000
Status Active
Twitter @JPRPT98
JPRPokeTrainer98 is a PokeTuber (and semi-SmashTuber) specializing in a number of different topics, including games, anime, competitive battling, Top 5's and Facts and Trivia.

He mainly uploaded Pokemon walkthroughs and guides until 2013. Following the announcement of Pokemon X and Y in January 2013, he began his Pokemon Facts and Trivia series. The series quickly became a smashing success, boosting him to almost 20,000 subscribers at the end of 2013 (he previously had 2000).

In the following years, JPR began to phase out his Let's Plays in favor of more diverse Pokemon content.

On February 29, 2016, JPR uploaded his final episode of Pokemon Facts and Trivia, stating that the series had to end due to the diminishing amount of content. A new series called "Mega Speculation" briefly become his new fan favorite, but was eventually cancelled due to the lack of new Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In summer of 2016, JPR began covering the Pokemon XY anime series along with several of his companions in the "PokePod," hosted by KGPrestige.

Following the termination of his friend KGPrestige's channel in March 2018, JPR decided to delete many of his past Pokemon anime videos and shift towards Super Smash Bros content.

Later in 2018 he would upload "The Problems with Mythical Pokemon" and "The Worst Parts of Every Pokemon Generation," with both becoming incredibly successful videos.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite Pokemon and mascot is Arcanine. His least favorite Pokemon is Lucario.
  • JPR has used the same channel logo since 2011.
  • He is a student at North Carolina State University.
  • Many of JPR's first videos are gone, due to a hacking in February 2012. Only an estimated 100 of his 400 videos were restored.
  • There is no known instance of JPR cursing in a video.
  • JPR is a competitive Super Smash Bros for Wii U player. He has competed in several tournaments, most notably winning sets at Super Smash Con.
    • He goes by the tag "Grizzly" in tournaments and mains Mewtwo.
    • He also hosts his local NC State tournaments on his Twitch channel.