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Hunter Hughes, A.K.A Dookieshed , is a Poketuber who currently has over 200k youtube subscribers. His first video (Top 5 Best Handheld Games of all Time) was uploaded on January 29 2013. Over time Dookie has become popular because of his video game related top 10's (Most of which being Pokémon), his Pre-Pokémon X and Y analysis videos and his overall badass personality and style of humor. Hunter is also good friends with Nate (NateWantsToBattle) and together they run a let's play channel called NateAndDookie, Hunter is also a host on Nate's PokémondayShow.

Additional Facts

  • Hunter is also a huge fan of Mega Man, every March he does a series called Mega Man March where he uploads Mega Man themed videos throughout the month.
  • Hunter appeared in Nate's Pokémon Theme Song Cover.
  • He rose to popularity with his video about Sylveon. He succesfully predicted its type and predicted the possibilty of other Pokemon getting re-typped as a fairy.
  • He also had a rat called Scooter before he died in July of 2014.
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