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Haydunn Edit

Hayden is a Pokémon Let's Player and WiFi battler that plays in tiers lower than OU. Hayden always gives his Pokémon eccentric nicknames, some of the most well known being "Paul" the Slowbro, "D*ckPinch" the Pinsir, and "F*ckYeah!" the Seaking. He joined the Global Battle Association (GBA) in Season Five as coach of the Sacramento Seakings, the name a small homage to "F*ckYeah!" Unfortunately Hayden's freshman season ended with two wins and ten losses.Hayden regularly posts competitive Pokémon videos on his Youtube as well as reports on Pokémon news and/or updates to the competitive scene as well as the main series games. He streams regularly on Twitch and has a Discord for subscribers.

Additional Information Edit

  • He collaborated with fellow PokeTuber shofu with a Pokémon rap titled "Pokémon Cypher 2013."
  • His full name is Hayden Ferguson.
  • Hayden's first video was not uploaded to his Youtube channel until January 29, 2010.
  • In 2012, Hayden made an appearance on Youtube's The Game Station and played a trivia show against shofu.
  • The song used for Haydunn's introduction in his videos is called "No Interruption" by Hoodie Allen.
  • Hayden has posted three Pokémon related music videos called "How PROS nickname Pokémon" using "Take Me Away" and "Dreams" by Fortune Family, as well as "No Interruption."
  • One of the many youtubers that has played pokmeon S&M bondage
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