Entity Mays is a Youtuber with currently over 10,000 subscribers and often makes Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Discussions, Reviews and Pokemon related Top 5s/10s. 


  • His Mascot is Emolga
  • He has 1.2 million views
  • His most popular series is "Easter Eggs in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime" with two of the videos have over 100,000 views.
  • He has collaborated with Youtubers such as Lumiose Trainer Zac & ThePokeRaf.
  • He has a streaming channel
  • He has a series called "The Ash Ketchum Team Challenge" which he rages a lot in
  • He is bad at playing as Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon Games
  • He has a catchphrase of "As Lit as a Litten" even putting it onto a t-shirt
  • He made a group called the Electric Rodents
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