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Dominik, known as Echo'sWorld on YouTube, is a 16 year old musician and PokeTuber. He started his channel on February 6, 2012, but didn't upload any videos until May 15, 2013 with the video titled "Try Not to Laugh or Grin" under the username "Monkeyswarm". He continued to upload videos very sparsely as Monkeyswarm until December 15, 2016 where he uploaded a video titled "GUESS WHO'S BACK (Also Talk About Change" where he announced his switch to the name "Echo'sWorld". He also decided to private every previous video, trying to get a new start on YouTube. After this, he again uploaded very sparsely until July 31, 2018, where he uploaded a video titled "Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" COVER". After this video, he slowly became more and more consistent on YouTube, now garnering over 160 subscribers.

On February 22, 2018, he started a live show with fellow PokeTuber FoulPlayz and fellow PokeTuber CoolShallow, called "ShallowCast" where they bring on other PokeTubers as guests and talk about current Pokémon news. Notable guests include SuperNerdDaniel, CubowaK, and Verlisify. The series only goes up on CoolShallow's channel and hasn't seen one featuring Echo since July 30, 2018.

Echo has currently uploaded 3 covers and one live music video. It is unknown whether or not he will eventually drop them as an album, or if he will just continue uploading songs. They are currently free for anyone to download.

On August 14, 2018, Echo uploaded a video titled "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Randomized Soul Link Nuzlocke" where he collaborates with FoulPlayz to complete the games together and if one person loses a Pokemon, both people lose a Pokemon. Currently, there's 13 episodes.

On September 21, 2018, he uploaded a video titled "Pokemon Liquid Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke", which has two episodes as of now. It is unknown whether or not he will finish the series.

As of November 3, 2018, he began streaming Minecraft videos daily, called "Siccbois Stream". The streams have since slowed because he is no longer sick.

Additional Information Edit

  • Leafeon has only been his mascot since 2018
  • His name is Dominik
  • He lives in Iowa
  • He created his channel in 2012, but didn't upload a video until a year later
  • He has his own merch in The ShallowCast Store
  • His pixel icon was made by pxlStephen on Twitter
  • He only started talking to FoulPlayz and CoolShallow in February of 2018
  • His birthday is July 29, 2002
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