DarrenTheUltimate is a you tuber who began his channel in 2012. Despite his disadvantage of having no computer or any legitimate equipment needed to make the best quality videos, he was still able to compete with the rest of the group with his determination and personality rather than his quality. He recently hit 1K subscribers and now has over 100,000 video views, and have no intention of stopping.

Darren has also made a collaboration channel called EpicGamerzful (EGF) with currently consists of 14 members and has almost 100,000 views as well. EGF has a series where Darren and SpikyChainchomp interviewed other poketubers including CuddleofDeath and RedFalconGames. Some members of EGF include AugustDreams responsible of hundreds of thousands of views, the aspiring poketuber Ninspark, SpikyChainChomp who has a series on Ninbuzz and SBlakeGames with over 1K subscribers and collabed with other gamers including AbdallahSmash026.