Bird Keeper Toby
Date joined December 14, 2014
Views Approx. 20k
Subscribers Approx. 181k
Videos Approx. 300
Status Active
Twitter Bird Keeper Toby

BirdKeeperToby is a Pokétuber that focuses mainly on Pokémon, with some other series or TV-shows thrown in once in a while. It is run by Toby Hill and the name is a pun on a Johto trainer that is also called Bird Keeper Toby.

Beginning Edit

Toby started out as a small-time Youtuber that got his breakthrough with the very first video still online at this moment: 'What is the Crystal Onix?'. After this followed top 10's, more theories and a series called 'Mum's don't understand Pokémon', featuring his mother.

Rough Patch Edit

During the time of Sun and Moon, Toby posted more and more news videos instead of the usual theories. He eventually posted a video apologizing for this, and letting his subscribers know he wanted to start over. What followed were more theories and a special called 'Ghosts and Rotom in the old chateau'.

Current Day Edit

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