AST5 is an Indian Poketuber who started in Feb 2015,though he was noticed later in late 2015 and early 2016 due to his Pokemon XY&Z Discussions And Anime Top 10s.


  • He is an Indian with 5000 Subscribers.
  • He has over 2 Million channel views.
  • His most popular upload 'Top 7 Females Who Had Crush On Ash" with almost 950k views.
  • He has also collaborated with Entity Mays During Aug 2016 and did some Pokemon XYZ Reviews.
  • His favourite colour is Red.
  • His favourite Pokémon is Pikachu.
  • "Sup Guys Cringe Master Is Here" or "We are the Cringe Masters"
  • He Uploads AMVs,Shipping Videos And Comparsion Videos,mostly based on romantic shit from the Pokemon Franchise.
  • He's Showdown Addict with Username- HindiAccentGuy5196.
  • He considers himself as an amourshipper and pokeshipper.
  • The only Problem with this dude is that he is Inconsistent on Youtube due to his so called studies.
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