Alex the Lucario is an upcoming science fiction action adventure spinoff of Star Wars, featuring ideas from UnitedGamer, as well as himself and some other famous poketubers

Development Edit

In 2017, Johnson Studios said that it would collaborate with Bad Robot Productions and LucasFilm to produce a Pokemon-Star Wars fusion. The idea they come up with was about a Lucario, based off of Luke Skywalker, that breaks away from his trainer, once the trainer has lost him during a run of the Sinnoh league.

In December 2017, TheAuraGuardian was cast as Alex the Lucario and UnitedGamer was cast as his trainer. In early 2017, UnitedGamer expressed great interest in a film about Alex the Lucario, as it was one of his channel's mascot pokemon.

Casting Edit

  • TheAuraGuardian as Alex the Lucario
  • UnitedGamer, or Dylan, as himself
  • Your Boy Guzma as Grand Moff Guzma

More details will come as the full list is revealed