Ace Trainer Liam is a PokeTuber and Twitch streamer. On his YouTube channel, he has amassed over 110,000 subscribers and he is known for his Pokemon top 10's and wifi battles with viewers.



  • His real name is Liam Edwards.
  • He has a second channel where he discusses non-Pokemon topics.
  • He joined YouTube in December 2014.
  • He has over 25.9 million channels views.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Poliwhirl.
  • He is a member of the Elite Four podcast.
  • Several women, including CandyEvie, claimed that he had assaulted them while working on the The Godfather fan reboot project. He originally withdrew under the pretense of no longer feeling like he was interested in the film before the actual reason for his dismissal was brought to light.
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